This episode was an enjoyable romp. The Orient Express in space and the passengers being killed one by one an ancient alien myth it was good but I can’t help feeling like series is starting to feel like it’s being hijacked by Ben (no idea why I’ve been calling him Ben its Danny) and Clara’s relationship. I mean I know it’s building up to Clara’s exit and I love Clara so seeing her get a more important role in the show is great but seeing as Clara’s emotions are so changeable I spend most of the episode trying to work out what she’s thinking rather than concentrating on the plot. Like first this was supposed to be her goodbye trip, then she told the Doctor, he accepted which she wasn’t expecting,  the Doctor forced her to lie yet she still wanted to see the good in him. He’s not 11 the only good in him is you and then after all that she decided fuck it I’ll stay in Tardis I mean I’m pretty sure the L word scared her into that decision but still you’re making us care too much Moffat. We’re still getting to know the new Doctor you have to tone down the Clara stuff the point was made with the moon episode. And what the hells happened to the promised land story arc hasn’t been mentioned for 2 weeks????