I’ve been looking forward to this for ages and it didn’t disappoint.  It opened up with a young Catwoman who witnessed the Killing of Bruce Waynes (played by the kid from Touch) parents. Then there was the future Commissioner Gordon (played by the guy from Southland) and he’s learning the ropes he’s a clean detective in a dirty department and his partner is very cosy with Falcones mob. Falcone by the way is played by Rawls from The Wire. There was also Poison Ivy already with a plant obsession and framing and murder of her father by Gotham PD sets her up perfectly her life of crime but the biggest villain cameo was that of The Penguin, he was just a pawn in Falcones mob at the start but he believed he destined for greater things so he snitched on his boss leading to wrecking of his leg,  meaning we’ll be seeing that cane soon. Gordon was supposed to kill him to show his loyalty to the cause but Gordon’s incorruptible and did the right thing, unfortunately The Penguin isn’t as honourable and there’s no way he’s staying out of Gotham. I do have one issue though, the casting of Sean Pertwee as Alfred is terrible he’s too combative and his cockney accent isn’t very good. Alfred’s supposed to he charming and what’s all this about Barbara’s past I hope it’s not something crap like she was a drug addict.