Tommy wasn’t gonna let his beating bring him down, he paid for hospital (no nhs them days) then walked out to go back to London (by barge for some reason). He went to meet with the leader of the Jews who was a complete nutjob, after Tommy suggested an alliance he only had two potential responses, killing him or doing a deal, surely there’s some middle ground there. Staying in London we learnt that Sabini has a lot of police on the payroll hence the Jew’s need for an alliance (im Tommys opinion). But he was not best pleased that they didn’t know Tommy was in London and that they hadn’t taken him out yet. Sabini has a very weird accent when he starts a sentence it’s Italian then it tails off into cockney, very odd. Back in Brum, Tommy bought Pol her house to potentially raise her kids in when he tracked her down. He found her son but her daughter had unfortunately died,  Tommy refused to give Pol the address however because his adoptive mother was a complete bitch. This meant Pol spiralled out of control in typical Peaky Blinders fashion it’s probably easier to list characters that haven’t had a breakdown ummm well Finn, that new secretary, John’s wife well that’s pretty much it. But then at the end her son was on her doorstep and it was quite emotional. Talking of breakdowns, Arthurs mental health issues are getting worse, he hit rock bottom after killing some guy and Tommy washed his hands of him pretty much but then Finn came round with this thing that him and his mates do when their down COCAINE. I mean how old is he now 15/16. Shouldn’t be just casually using coke like that. Anyway moral of the story apparently coke solves all ills as Arthur was ABSOLUTELY FINE after he took it, just like Pols drinking and casual meaningless sex got her back her son. Well none of us watch peaky blinders for moral turpitude. The “irish business” became a bit less cloudy this week,  the government wanted Tommy to carry out an assassination or he’d be arrested for the murder last week, Tommy agreed but only after bypassing the irish inspector and asking Churchill directly as a fellow soldier for some import licenses (presumably for some sort of illicit goods) which Churchill plans to rescind after the missions completed but I’m sure Tommy has contingencies for that. Finally, Tommy also bought the ungrateful so and so Ada a great big house with a lot more than 2 bedrooms (what’s wrong ada Freddie dead a week and you forgotten your deep rooted communist views). She was still adamant she’s not a Shelby however although she’s seems to be realising that Tommy does know best as she even turned up at Arthurs party to help Pol,  with no success of course.