I have to say this year’s crop are shaping up to the worst we’ve ever had, I mean seriously neither team has deserved to win either task and we’ve had 4 equally terrible project managers one who believes make up and short skirts are the best way to sell and that ip dip doo (or equivalent) is the best way to pick teams , one who likes to talk in the 3rd person and two who simply didn’t manage there teams. Over the two eps we’ve had sackings the most spectacular was that of Shoreditch Robert who insisted on making stupid hipster gourmet hot dogs task 1 and then shirked Lord Sugar strongly hinted he should be PM on a task that he was MADE for. Apprentice 101 Lord Sugar doesn’t do hints,  and Robert paid the ultimate price before they even went to the Cafe a new record. He deserved it big time you just can’t do that and throughout the task he kept moaning and trying to take control, if you wanna be in charge you have to take the responsibility. But undoubtedly the other moment of the week was the girls naming themselves Decadence I mean grafters wasn’t great but the way they all agreed on decadence had me crying with laughter without doubt the stupidest moment in the history of Apprentice. Shout out to Steven as well love or loathe him he is entertainment, his boardroom performance first episode will go down in history. To conclude Lord Sugar has fired the right people so far but the girls have been extremely lucky and it won’t be long before they’re facing the finger there is one bright spark in the abyss of this year’s candidates -Lauryn we haven’t heard much of her, but she caught my eye straight away, she seems switched on and she’s tended to disagree with a lot of the nonsense strategies of her PMs definitely one to watch. I reckon this year’s house is the worst ever too, it was pretty basic.