Maxine and Vera seemed to take centre stage this week so I’ll begin with Maxine as I’ve neglected her a bit. So she was expecting to see her beau for the first time since she um stabbed him. It turned out it was actually his brother come to tell Maxine that a) the bro can’t see her and b) he’s moving away for a job. Maxine was distraught she needed to explain to him. In a heart to heart with Bea we found out what happened, after her op which he supported entirely he wasn’t attracted to her anymore cos he liked guys in dresses not women although Maxine put it better “he preferred me with a cock”.  One night he tried to cut her hair off and she shanked him with the scissors. Simple as that. She came up with a plan after the cook started spontaneously bleeding (what was that about?). She met the brother again, went into the toilet and transformed into a man. If it wasn’t for veras eagle eyes she would’ve walked straight out. Now to Vera she just had a bad day. Her mum conjured up memories of her childhood bullying that combined with her mum’s constant bullying pushed her to the edge big time. In addition she got pranked by the girls and covered in vinegar and both fletch and Ferguson turned their backs on her (I think she’s served her purpose as far as Fergusons concerned).The combination of all these events plus fletch now sleeping with the blond officer (shouldve seen that coming) and Vera getting it wrong about fletch being on drugs led to her standing over her mother with a syringe with larger than the average dose in it, will she go through with it though? Elsewhere in Wentworth frankie was trying to work out who sold the drugs to Simmo she thought Ferguson at first but after being choked out by him she realised it was Ferguson she appears to have the upper hand by threatening Booner.  Doreens preggers, congrats good luck explaining that. And finally why do they keep showing Ferguson fencing is to make her more evil cos it’s really not necessary.