Well one my question from last week has been answered John Ross plans to fund buying up the shares by teaming up with one of JR’s chums a super rich sheikh in return for getting a piece of the artic lease deal.  Meanwhile his mother was adjusting to life in an actual loony bin, I mean those guys were seriously craycray. Luckily by the end of the ep Bobby had got her out and took her back to Southfork although by the look on her face that wasn’t a place she wanted to be. Now to the plots first Harris’s plot well good news from my point of view is that Candice was in another episode I fear its her last though, so she got sacked by John Ross, then by Ryland “maybe he just doesn’t like brunettes” babe his wife’s a brunette as is his ex. Although i didn’t like him calling her a whore that wasn’t cool that’s my future wife pal. So Harris’s plots in shatters. Meanwhile the Elena- Nicholas plot goes from strength to strength they have the video of John Ross cheating which despite Elenas reservations Nicholas sent to Pamela, although I suspect John Ross may get to that text first especially as the file is called sexvideomp4 haha. Nicholas has signed up the video game supremo to help buy up the shares when Ewing Global IPOs wasn’t expecting that at all. Oh and there was a new plot brewing that little minx Emma she discovered Harris’s plot didn’t believe Harris’s nonsense about the 16 year old and got her hands on the dress so now she has leverage over John Ross when he inevitably betrays her smart girl. Finally there was it wasn’t all perfect for the Nicholas-Elena scheme because Drew (Aka Newcastle and reals greatest ever footballer) was back and he knows about the deeds and doesn’t seem to share their coolness bit of a hothead he could spoil EVERYTHING. Idiot. Hopefully they can keep him in check as everything else is bubbling very nicely indeed.