I’m getting a final series vibe from this series it just seems there setting up the Peaky Blinders for a fall. Anyways so Michael officially joined the shelbys and was out to prove himself despite Pol’s protectiveness, which is understandable seeing as she hasn’t seen him in years and her family are vicious gangsters,  but it’s clearly in Michaels blood as proved by his disturbing fantasy about smashing him up his village,  he wasn’t intimidated by Tommy when he said he had to go home and he insisted on going to the horse auction despite his mother’s protestation.  He witnessed a man being killed and was completely fine,  definitely a Shelby. Is the irish policeman just in this series for comic relief, I mean he’s hilarious “you should read the mail to broaden your mind” had me in tears and his chip on the shoulder “everyones laughing at me” well I am you’re pathetic mate no one cares about you, you’re just a crippled draft dodger that got rejected by a woman way out of your league, get over it jheeze. And seriously he didn’t realise the B&B woman was a prostitute “if you NEED anything” I mean come on she might as well have put a sign up. The most annoying thing bout this ep was Tommy’s continual poor taste in women seriously that posh horse trainer woman is just after a bit of rough, she’ll use him, dump him and he’ll go into meltdown again messing all of the carefully laid expansion plans.  This is what I mean about setting them up for a fall. Now to my favourite character Ada she was back on her communist high horse again “I run a class about men like you” HE BOUGHT YOU YOUR MASSIVE HOUSE AND IS STOPPING YOU FROM BEING MURDERED BE GRATEFUL! Both leaders of the London gangs continually to be complete psychos the leader of the bakers knocked out a complete innocent black country boy to make a point to someone else who’d spoken out of turn. Although his rules seemed quite fair don’t mention rum IT’S BREAD and don’t sleep with Jewish women simples. Sabini meanwhile took out a completely innocent kind that was a stand-up just to send a message to Tommy. This wars gotten very personal. I suspect Tommy may be a bit too sane to be dealing with these guys even with mad dog Arthur at his side.