That’s what I’m talking about this was a proper Dr Who episode none of that Danny Clara rubbish just some interdimensional killer aliens. Quality.  So what did we learn this week well despite being the most miserable miserable, grumpy doctor since hartnell 12 still sees the good in every new alien he comes across,  admirable but wrong on this occasion. We saw what a Tardis looks like when completely drained of dimensions and every, it becomes a very small black cube and not to judge a book by its cover DOCTOR, of course an asbo teenager (played by Failia from YouTube series mandem on the wall which I highly recommend and Youngers) can save the world. And the story’s arcs back, the promised land lady seems to have a fascination with Clara what has she chosen her for?????????? You only go there if you’re dead right?????  Anyone else noticed how the death tolls a lot higher this series, 2 or 3 people dying an episode it’s not just 12 that’s darker, the series is too. I love it, more of the same please Moffat.