This series is quality although I can’t work out if it’s set in the present or the past. Gordon has a cordless phone in his apartment and there was a comment about a phone running out of juice but the cars seem quite old as does the fashions particularly Gordon’s partner. Starting to really annoyed with those major crimes officers ok fair enough Gotham PD corrupt but their way too obsessed with it like their mission in life is to bring down Gotham PD they just seem a bit over the top especially the woman I mean she’s wants to investigate Penguins death for god sake the guy was a crook working for fish why do you care? Just realised this week that Fish is played by Jada Pinkett. Pertwee’s Alfred continues to be annoying and surely he should be a little bit younger no? Cat seems to be very emotionally invested in Bruce seeing as they haven’t actually met, are they gonna meet? Also why us Bruce already acting so tough self harming and shit, he has at least 15 years of brooding and planning vengeance what’s the rush. One piece of advice to penguin get used to people calling you that mate something tells me it’ll stick. Hmm penguin and Fish don’t penguins eat fish I shall watch that one closely. Two final questions 1) why were the Waynes gonna reopen Arkham 2) who killed the Waynes because in the films it was Falcone but I believe him when he says that the Waynes kept the city stable because if your boss of the underworld last thing you need is something upsetting the status quo. I doubt we’ll find out at the end of this series.