Wow! If this is anything to go by 2015 promises to be a great year of drama. Upon hearing about this it reminded me of Hostages last  year, and like Hostages is they’ll be lots of twists and nothing will be as it seems. It’s more fast paced than Hostages however with several secrets already being revealed in this pilot. So the premise is that a bunch of rich kids are kidnapped from a school trip by a professional organisation, the kids include the children of very influential people including the President. The key kids are Beth a emo with a difficult relationship with her father, mr Gibson (I’ll come to him later), her friend/bf Ian, classic high school hottie amber as well as their teacher. The key parent is ambers “mum” played by Gillian Anderson, it wasn’t revealed what she did but she’s clearly powerful as she can silence a room of distressed parents by raising her hand, her sister Susie happens to be the lead fbi investigator (played by Rachel Taylor from charlie’s angels) and they have a difficult relationship, recurring theme. Finally the hero of the pilot was the secret service agent, Finlay who managed to save one kid unfortunately not before his father was blackmailed into bringing down a drone, quite intrigued where his role in show progresses. Now then, the revelations the first,  Mr Gibson, beths embarrassing dad yeah he’s only behind the whole shabang, why maybe to win her back, but more likely revenge for the operation lennox thing that clearly destroyed his family. He’s a chilling villain not batting an eyelid at kidnapping children and blackmailing parents, cooling crossing of pages of the plan. Scarier for me was that I actually felt sorry for him at the beginning and really optimistic for his sacfricial plan to save them only to find he’s not the unlikely hero, he’s the unlikely mastermind,  although gillian called it. Something about the way he was eyeing the news screens suggests to me his masterplan will have global scope. The 2nd revelation which isn’t that important was that the teacher was a bit of a letch leading amber along and sleeping with teachers in locker rooms etc which is quite concerning as he’s there only authority figure. The 3rd and final revelation relates to Susie and Gillian while we still don’t know what caused their estrangement it turns out blonde hottie Susie isn’t blonde hottie ambers aunt but her mum. Which is kind of funny as they could easily pass off as the same age. Again its something I should’ve spotted due to their ridiculous resemblance but I just dismissed it as they were family anyways. In sum, this series promises to be a belter with Gibson and the understated Anderson leading the way, and a potential rising star in Beth as well.