Gerrards announced he’s leaving Liverpool after 25 years so nows as good a time as any to pay a short tribute. A couple of weeks ago I picked my all time prem xi and put Gerrard on my bench, that was purely because of my admiration for Le Tiss’s lackadaisical easy style at an unfashionable club. But in a 433 formation, Gerrard makes it no question. Gerrard though is not just a prem legend he’s a football legend. In my years watching football there’s been 3 world class English central midfielders, Gerrard, Scholes and Lampard. What sets him apart from the others is he was surrounded by mediocrity and and dragged Liverpool singlehandedly to the 2005 Champs league (his performance v olympiakos and in instanbul magic) and 2006 Fa cup (coming back from cramp to rescue Liverpool). This is something scholes or lamps couldn’t of done, inspire a club singlehandedly to greatness. This is what makes him great, certainly Liverpools greatest (maybe joint with Dalglish). He’s a big game player, and he always performs.