Revenge is back for one last season, I’m really hoping some glossy American melodramas are in the pipeline because I’ve lost Dallas and I’m losing this. Ok so at the beginning Em has basically won she has her revenge on the Graysons, Conrad’s dead (killed by DAVID CLARK), Victoria’s sectioned, Daniel’s broke and little sis Charlotte’s addicted to drugs (although Em’s didn’t necessarily want that to happen). Despite her “victory” however she wasn’t happy, she’s mourning Aiden and struggling to find her identity, is she Amanda or Emily, she seems to have settled for Emily. So what does somebody who’s spent their whole life plotting vengeance do when they get it, well you, me and Nolan would say move on, enjoy life, but it Emily’s slightly twisted brain she thinks now I want to get vengeance for OTHER people whether they want it or not, she exposed a rich guy as a murderer at her homewarming, at Grayson Manor (by the way love you, Ems but that’s messed up even for you, it was never your house), then had a massive bust up with Nolan, thank god they made up, it’s like seeing your parents fight, with her admitting that she’s addicted to scheming and plotting revenge and knowing nothing else. Thankfully for her Victoria broke out of the institute and is coming for her, so Em’s has one last battle on her hands. She’ll enjoy it. Elsewhere, Jack’s now a cop, apparently nothing came of the kidnapping arrest, Daniel’s focused on rescuing his sister from Gideon, Miss La Marchal (can never remember her name) is still wearing strapless dresses and David Clark is still doing stuff,kidnapping Victoria, did he see Ems at the door did he recognise her? Did he see her at the house? Surely if anyone would recognise Ems it has to be him. We shall see.