This is a show I always knew I’d like, I’m familiar with the cast Dylan McDermott (Awake, Hostages) as Jack and Maggie Q (Nikita) as Beth. And their support characters are all great especially the Latino detective who’s name escapes me. In this episode a psychiatrist believes one of his patients is stalking him, of course as we are now familiar with it’s never the first suspect, so this was dismissed then it was believed to be another patient before it was finally revealed that it was that patient’s husband who also happened to be sleeping with the victim’s wife. What was notable about this episode is conspicuous absence of Beth working the case, noticed by Jack, this was of course because she had decided to report her stalker to her boss, after discussing it with her English bestie. To her horror as she went to the coffee shop she spotted her bestie kissing Brody (can’t remember his real name), and it all clicked in Beth’s head, she then broke into his flat and found the creepy wall of drawings illustrating his masterplan, the question now is how will Beth deal with this? Via official channels? I think not this shit’s most definitely personal.