Ok seems Crisis, got it’s initial secrets out early and this week it’s what time to settle. Mr Gibson’s methodology and plan started to become clearer this week, he shall ring every parent one by one and get them to do tasks for him, for the reward of getting their kids back. The goal of these tasks seems to be to expose some secret CIA project, involving American soldiers. The lucky parents to get called this week were Meg (Gillian Anderson) and the Pakistan Ambadassador, his task was to get into a room in the Pakistan embassy allowing Gibson’s henchmen to extract the American soldiers, the plan was slightly botched when Susie and Finlay turned up, but the ambadassor was still rewarded with his son. Meg’s role in Gibson’s masterplan however appears to far more complex (we still don’t know what she does), after asking her to deliver $20m in unmarked bills to them, which she was able to get like that, serious power right there, then manipulated her connection in the FBI, sis Susie to get a tracker device which took down their communication systems, and judging by how pissed Susie was at Meg not telling her about the call, she’s gonna be extremely pissed about the lying, I think it was a bit hypocritical to call her “selfish” though, I mean she’s looked after your kid for 16+ years. A word on Meg though she unflappable isn’t she, talk about cool head in a crisis, she clearly loves her daughter but wow she ain’t gonna cry about it. Now to Finlay, I had a feeling they were gonna accuse him of being part of the plot but thanks to the fat kid, they realised pretty quickly what happened, not only did they release Finlay but also partnered him up with Susie in a weird secret service-FBI team up. They found the other secret service agent the one who was “sick”, and they worked out that the one working for Gibson, Hirst is probably doing so under duress, and they’d be right, Gibson has his daughter, what’s wrong with that man. Susie and Finlay over the course of the ep grew into quite a formidable team stopping Gibson’s guys from getting away with the American soldiers, but they’re still a few steps behind Gibson. Back in the house, Beth and President’s son Kyle had a moment, the group assumed Amber would be released after seeing her proof of life picture get taken, as neither Beth or Ian have rich parents they saw this as confirmation that they wouldn’t be released. Gibson devised a test, to find troublemakers playing a track of a drone flying by, Beth and Ian with nothing to lose called for help instead of staying quiet, they soldiers revealed the rous, and Beth and Ian got hit, Mr Gibson’s a terrible father. Then he leaves his bunker and she was so pleased to see him, pondlife. So what next in the masterplan, well they”ll call the next parent, and he’ll go through them one by one until he’s collecting a medal on the President’s back lawn.