Firstly I have a couple of superficial points to make 1) is it me, or is Ems looking hotter this series, I dunno if she done something with her hair or..anyways and 2) now Nolan’s always unusual taste in clothes, and hey he’s an eccentric tech billionaire he can get away with it but the spiky hair this season nah Nolan NAH, doing you no favours brother. Right on to business, think I’ll start with Queen Grayson, Miss Victoria, the Revenge writers got our hopes up with the cliffhanger to last ep by showing her getting kidnapped by David, we allowed ourselves to believe she’d finally get her comeuppance but alas despite kidnapping her David simply wanted to know if she was forced to go along with the conspiracy or coerced. Victoria said B and we said wrong answer but David still head over heels for her swallowed every word (seriously though WHAT THE HELL HAS BEEN DOING?, who lives in a f-ing hole and draws tally marks on the wall and then randomly come out to kill Conrad after 20 years). After initially distrusting David, cos you know kidnap makes you doubt people sometimes as Jack knows all to well, Victoria realises towards the end that she has David under the thumb so she’s instructed him to got after Ems, shit! It seems that David heard about Amanda’s “death” somehow, but I’m assuming he couldn’t of seen a pic, cos I say again he’d recognises Ems right, the daughter he loved so much. I mean really her foster bro recognised her and he hadn’t known her nearly as long as her father, granted her mum didn’t but she loopy-loop and not exactly mum of the year anyways. He also said about someone else living at Grayson Manor, so did you see Ems, must’ve been from a distance. 1 small issue I’ve got with this season is they developed this thing where every time Ems says David’s dead it cuts to a scene with David, it was cool the first time but after 3 or 4 is getting a bit cliched, I’m pretty sure Ems mentioned David being dead more times in this ep than the whole of last series. Jack and his partner did some stuff this week, I find their continual role in the programme, they’re not rich so I don’t hate them, but also they’re not rich so they’re boring, anyways so the partner saved Charlotte from suicide and then spoke to Emily (really hope she doesn’t get with him, she really is better than that). That was all they did really. Ms LaMarchal (I’ll make a concious effort to get her name next week)/Gideon/Daniel love/family/business triangle this week with LaMarchal and Daniel teaming up to get Gideon out the company as revenge for blackmailing Daniel and trying launch a coup in the magazine. They succeed by getting Gideon to mess up a big deal but then he threatens to kill them just like he killed that girl, LaMarchal then took drastic action and got him arrested at the airport for possesion. In other news LaMarchal was wearing a sleeveless dress, a slight change to her usual strapless numbers. And finally I’ve saved the best till last Charlotte Grayson, she started off Revenge in S1 as an innocent teenager, and has had a steady decline ever since (partly due to Ems), culminating in this episode where she tried to commit suicide, disowned Emily after she finally revealed her true id (I really wanted that to go well) then finally the most shocking part lulling EMs to the bar, KNOCKING HER OUT AND TORCHING THE PLACE. IF EMS ISN’T ALL RIGHT I’LL COME FOR YOU CHARLOTTE.