This was my least favourite episode of the series so far, mainly because of the case, is was a horrible one, one that just leaves you feeling depressed at depths humans can sink to. So I’ll begin with Beth’s stalker. The ep began with Beth telling Trish who Brody really was, this led to a chilling encounter in the cafe, where it was obvious Trish was scared of Brody but desperately tried to act normal, poor woman. Brody clocked on though and the end of the ep there was a really chilling encounter between him and Beth where we found out it was the slap why he went after her, Beth stood her ground though, but he really got to her, and she broke down in the car and finally opened up and Janice in. That surprised me to be honest I though she’s carry on running the case herself, but I’m glad. The case was just shameful, in the end the stalker was probably the most decent human being of the lot, and she was despicable. Ok so the first victim was a rather pitiful bus driver who got beaten up, he thought it was ex, it wasn’t, then a hairdresser got disinfectant thrown in her face, and the 3rd victim was the hairdresser’s husband, turned out it was all interconnected they had all gone to school together, the husband was apparently popular with the ladies and his gf, the hairdresser was jealous, he boasted to his “friend” the bus driver that he could get with two girls at the party they were all attending, he ended up raping them, because he was a monster, the bus driver was for some reason there and instead of calling the police, stopping the guy, not only did he watch he pinned down one of the girls when she tried to escape, also making him a monster, but I can’t understand what would motivate someone to do such a despicable thing, it’s sick, helping him rape them, is just as bad as doing it in my eyes and the hairdresser just stood and watched cos “she loved him”, never heard of allowing your boyfriend to rape women as rape before. The stalker was one of the victims and her vendetta was triggered by the suicide of her friend and fellow victim. And to be honest they should’ve let her finish and castrate that guy he really deserved it, and although the rapist got jail time, the other two deserve to pay as well, a truly disgusting trio of people, just makes my stomach churn thinking there’s people like that out there. Meanwhile Maggie Q got to reprise Nikita and beat up the stalker. Don’t fuck with Nikita (yeah I’m talking to you, Brody or whatever your fucking name is)!