The two parents called this week were the Chief of Staff and another dad, an ex military car dealer, the Chief of Staff’s job was to arrange a meeting with a General. When the meeting was arranged, the other dad then had to torture the General until he gave Gibson the location of proof of Operation Lennox. Gibson’s smart however and made sure neither of the parents heard the questioning, he also made sure the General killed himself at the end. If it wasn’t already clear, it was confirmed today that Gibson motivations are purely getting revenge on the CIA for “breaking him”. Gibson got even more chilling this week when he made some egg in bread. “I used to make this for daughter. On her BIRTHDAY (calmly wipes face)” and when he said “these kids have kidnapped. I need to save them”, what the hell is wrong with you man? Not much happened at the house this ep except Kyle tried to escape, but that was pretty much it. There was no Beth or Meg this ep but other than that it was another quality ep.