Ok think I’ll start with Charlotte today, I don’t understand her, ok, I get her wanting revenge on Emily for ruining her life, kidnapping her yada yada, but why no ill feeling to Victoria, when Victoria went to see Daniel he wanted to do with her, I don’t understand why Charlotte doesn’t hate Victoria, has she forgotten all the lies, controlling and manipulation Victoria did to her, clearly not because she was quite happy to chat to her mother even before the David Clark bombshell. She doesn’t make any sense to me. Meanwhile despite the concept of this show being Ems plan for revenge, Ems seems to have no plan whatsoever for revenge, none at all, Victoria’s putting all her pieces into play and Ems is pretty exposed, why well Charlotte again, she’s becoming a bit of a nuisance to be honest. David Clark’s starting to creep me out, he just kept staring at Charlotte wide-eyed dodging questions such as “what the hell’s he been doing for all these years”, then he just chucks on his stabbing hoodie and tries to kill Ems although at least it seemed he recognised her although I’m sure some Victorian poison in his ear will correct that, although if he didn’t fully believe that Ems is Amanda, he should’ve definitely have remembered Nolan. Elsewhere in the Hamptons or NY, Daniel was doing businessy stuff, but more importantly I had a suspicion the redhead Victoria left in the asylum may be quite significant, mainly cos Revenge has a habit of bringing in characters that turn out to be quite important, and it turns out she might be, either way Victoria’s made a big mistake not helping her in the street, because you don’t mess with crazy. Oh quick sidenote the police officer, Jack’s partner, sends me to sleep, why is he so boring?