I reckon this may by the penultimate episode judging by last 10 minutes but the first 50 minutes was pretty poor compared to the rest of the series. So today’s case started off as a pretty bog standard stalker case compared to last week’s. The victim was a hockey star’s ex wife and the suspects were basically anyone she trashed in her book, my money was on the cheating friend Cynthia, she just had no remorse about sleeping with the husband. Turned out though it was the husband who turned out to be a little craycray and rounded up all the people from the book to get revenge for the ex a little twisted, he ended up getting beat up by Beth in Nikita mode,  he also killed a guy which is quite unusual for Stalker. Meanwhile Beth and Janice carried on investigating Perry/Brody although since he’s learnt the police are on to him he’s taken down the incriminating drawings, there was still a tense exchange between him and Janice, before a brilliant penultimate scene in which she provoked him into attacking her by bringing up his money issues,  looking forward to him v Beth in the interview room next week. And finally Jack who we haven’t seen much of recently, learnt that his son’s found out who he is and his ice queen ex finally thawed and allowed him to see his son properly. Quite a tame episode overall until the last 10 mins when it exploded into life.

UPDATE: Turns out it was the midseason finale.