I remember reading about this show a few months ago and thinking it must have cost a fortune to get Oscar winning actress Halle Berry to appear in a TV series but on the evidence of the first ep it was worth it. Berry, who doesn’t look a day over 30 despite being closer to 50, plays an astronaut who’s mysteriously pregnant after going on a 13 month solo mission. The show cleverly weaves together the in-universe present day with flashbacks to the mission to begin to give us a sense of what the hells going on. It seems Halle encountered her dead ex in space and he touched her stomach before making her collapse, however upon viewing the security footage there was just her, so she deleted the footage, however she’s pregnant so surely it wasn’t just an hallucination. Back on earth the shady Japanese corporation that funds Halle’s missions are suspicious with her and keen to find out what really went on, they’re led by an even more shady Japanese man who seemed to sleep in a tank of brown gunge, see shady. At the end of the ep another dead astronaut shows up but insists he’s not a hallucination, suggesting he’s experienced something similar to Halle in space and in the preview of next week’s ep he also suggested that the corporation are experimenting on them which kinda makes sense. Regardless the “trust no one” advice is definitely some halle should heed nothings as it seems in this programme. Of the rest of the characters Halle’s hubby is a scientist in robotics, her son who at first seemed a cute little boy is actually one of his creations that’l grows and learns as a normal human,  but is actually quite creepy after you find out he’s a robot,  he does seem to have something against Halle and he definitely killed that bird, there’s also the doctor/nurse that knows Halle’s preggers no way she’ll keep that quiet and a shout out for Jim Harpers girlfriend from The Newsroom landing herself a role in this as Halle’s husband’s business partner.