Hmm not sure where to start with this one well we had our first parent death,  the fbi know that the kidnappings linked to the fbi, megs somehow manipulated the first lady into getting the fbi into giving her the case files and 2 more hostages have been released. That’s everything I think oh Beth and Kyle kissed kinda odd that a romance is blossoming in such a crisis (see what I did there). So Gibson’s goal this week was to get into cia hq at Langley and get hold of a flash drive with a video of the operation he’s trying to expose. He recruited a congressman, a senator and their wives for the mission and it was pretty successful for Gibsons point of view but the cia for some reason shot the congressman not sure why he didn’t have a bomb. Meanwhile Meg was being extremely annoying manipulating the first lady and the fbi I mean seriously how powerful is this lady does she own Google, what company does “a lot of business with the cia”? Susie and Finlay continued to be one step behind Gibson but at least they’ve got the cia connection. At the house in addition to the kiss the Asian kid who’s previous claim to fame was having an extremely painful ear,  had a heart attack. So Meg seems to think she can do a better job than the fbi,  Susie seems to be distracted by Meg and Amber, not telling Finlay the whole story, all I know is this investigation won’t go smoothly with those two involved.