My oh my there was a lot that happened in this episode.  Where to start, well I won’t start with the obvious,  I’ll start with the crazy redhead Lauren, who happens to be a total babe (I’d be happy to over her portfolio any day any time). So Lauren seems to be pursuing Daniel and I suspect not just for his finance expertise, to his credit he hasn’t given to temptation,  but he should really get a lock on that elevator. I suspect however that Laurens pursuit of Daniel is directly linked to Victoria’s rejection of her,  it’ll be interesting how it plays out, she seems desperate for a mother figure. Alas this ep was about one thing, David Clark. Emily finally found out he’s alive and more importantly that he’s already been manipulated by Victoria. Although David seems to more switched on than I originally thought, he managed to convince everyone that conrad kept him locked up for all these years, which I’m pretty sure isn’t true seeing as David was whipping himself earlier in the ep. What was interesting as well was that David seemed to break off the link with Victoria so does that open the door for Ems I think not cos this is only ep 4, but I maintain that if David doesn’t recognise Emily somethings very wrong cos I don’t care how much his minds been messed up or how much Victoria’s tried to manipulate him, a father with such a close bond to his daughter should recognise her no question.