So this week Finlay and Susie who made 1 step forward 2 steps back rather than Gibson. They were doing really well, they questioned the cia soldiers,  they got them away from CIA they learnt that the Afghanistan mission was just training for killing strangers in Washington. Why would the cia want to do that?????? Then it all went a bit wrong the ambulance driver happened to be cia and he shot them both, and the cia got the soldiers back the driver turned out to be Jonas, megs former lover. Who wants to bet Meg isn’t telling Susie the whole story? Yeah I agree that woman wouldn’t know honesty if it kidnapped her daughter haha. So what was Gibson doing during this whole cia v fbi struggle well he was progressing the plan of course, the next parent was ummm well it was his ex wife and she had to poison the boss of the cia, no of course she didn’t, she has to distract the leader of the cia in order for Gibson to hack his phone not that she knew this of course. And much to Gibson’s anger they slept together. But this was something he justified later as he finally got the soldiers. At the house it was all kicking off Beth and Amber were planning to use the blade. Which the kidnappers subsequently discovered was missing. This led to searches and the creepy guard forced Ian to search amber which led to him practically losing the plot and turning to drugs by the end of the ep. Beth meanwhile persuaded Kyle to confront Hirst and under duress from Gibson he confessed to being the mastermind. Susie and Gibson though have the finger firmly pointed at Gibson but the girl saying his finger got chopped off must surely put doubt in their minds. Oh and the Chinese kid woke up saying he dreamt Gibson was in charge. It wasn’t a dream kid. So couple of sidenotes, Susie really is one abrasive character not an ounce of compassion in her man and megs company has a pharmaceutical division seriously will we ever find out what she does.