Ok so this week we saw what happened on Harmon’s mission and pretty much the same as Mollys, he saw his dead mother who could only repeat his words. She even touched his stomach,  but of course he can’t get pregnant. He’s clearly right about the ISEA experimenting with them it’s clear that the ISEA head and the shady Japanese businessman know of some kind of alien creature “we’ve found them” although I suspect shady may be one of them what the hell was that 102 days to live thing and the weird pool of liquid he sleeps in???? I wonder what the role of the redhead board member is. Is she just sleeping with shady or is she one of them too or none of the above in which case why was she at his house. I reckon Mollys made a major error telling the ISEA head everything, that’ll come back to haunt her, Harmon was right you can’t trust them. So the ultrasound proved she is actually pregnant but is it human?  Two final points I reckon Hallie from the newsroom had an affair with Mollys hubby it was very awkward and uncomfortable between the two of them and secondly that kid is seriously creepy all that survival of the fittest stuff. He’s gonna kill us all.