I’m starting to think they may have made 1 too many seasons of Revenge, as I think the end of last season would have been a perfectly place to end it as Emily got her Revenge, all bringing David Clark back seems to have done so far is punishing Emily for getting her revenge. In this ep Charlotte continued her mission to become an even more evil character than Victoria, and by taking David to see the baby I think she’s now succeeded in that superbitch goal. I’m getting increasingly annoyed by David I have absolutely no idea why he trusts Victoria, and moving back into his old house looks like it’s actually gonna turn him against Nolan rather than Victoria, what’s wrong with this guy’s head??? The storyline I’m actually finding far more interesting is this Daniel/Louis/Margaux love affair, Daniel and Louise finally succumbed after weeks of shameless flirting (no idea how he resisted for so long), but then Daniel dumped her at the end picking Margaux, how many fricking times do I have to tell you Graysons you don’t mess with crazy, you don’t ignore crazy and you certainly don’t provoke crazy. Louise is gonna wreak havoc on that family, so someone should definitely introduce her to Emily now that’s a tag team I’d get behind for sure. Finally that annoyingly dull police officer has at last given me a legitimate reason to dislike him, he thinks Jack killed Conrad, fucks sake you’re a beat cop, know your place, also Emily’s way too good for you.