I have to admit I’m not completely sure what happened this episode. From what I could gather the FBI set a trap for the kidnappers by giving them CIA files on the soldiers stolen from Jonas’s house, there plan was to follow the kidnappers back to the house and rescue the kids, it seemed like it had worked too but alas it was too good to be true, of course it was it’s only episode 6. Meanwhile Meg for some reason handed over Jonas to the CIA in return for information on the kidnappers, what she plans to do with that I have no idea, but it at least revealed that the CIA know Gibson’s responsible. After rewatching it seems Jonas wanted to whistleblow on the entire operation which would be why the CIA wanted him. Well done Meg. We also found out exactly why Gibson’s doing all this, the drugged soldiers project was HIS project however he intended to use them to protect the country overseas (not that that’s entirely noble, in or outside America I don’t think innocent women and kids deserve to die), the CIA director however has manipulated Gibson’s soldiers into a personal hit squad used within the states. Inside the house Kyle had an escape plan, setting a fire, it didn’t work but Gibson and his manipulative self told Kyle at the end, he’d help him. One thing’s certain it’s all part of the plan.