Well my prophecy that Molly couldn’t trust the ISEA head rang true this week with him spinning a line to Molly about the some new fertility treatment. Bullshit. Molly for some reason fell for it though, partly because she had a far more realistic vision of her dead boyfriends brother, which I’m certain the ISEA had something to do with. That hallucination was definitely different as both Molly and Harmon’s space visions the hallucinations could only mimic speech, Tim could talk. This episode basically cleared up who we can trust and who we can’t, I hope so anyways, so Molly’s hubby and the doctor are trustworthy, everyone else at the ISEA isn’t especially that weird one that was following her to give her back her tracker thing, yeah right and the Pope’s Protestant, thankfully it seems that Molly is safe for now, although there house has been locked down and I’m not sure who was looking after Ethan but more on him later actually now in fact. So it’s becoming clear to me that, this show is going to be about both an alien invasion and a robot attack revolving around Molly’s robot child, and her alien unborn baby makes sense right, hence why they keep showing Ethan’s creepy scenes in episode recaps. This ep was Ethan’s first day at school and it went seemingly flawlessly, his dad dealt with the stereotypical redneck, ignorant parents yep they still exist in the future, they’ve just replaced the n-word with toaster and found another group to marginalise (having said that, there are many things we’ve seen Ethan do that merit caution, but those parents haven’t seen those things), and he even made a friend but back home he was still being creepy,he seems to be developing a fascination with birds and if his dad hadn’t of freed it I reckon he would of killed one of those birds, and that’s how serial killers start. Also even more ominous he broke a rule (not to go outside), this could be leading to that classic Terminator scenario where robots can abandon their primary programming ie. not killing humans, scary. Meanwhile it’s looking like I was wrong about Newsroom Hallie having an affair with Ethan’s dad, it seems her feelings of jealousy towards Molly are actually due to Ethan, she feels like his real mother because she created and “raised” him in his early years, and she clearly doesn’t see eye to eye with her boss about raising him as a normal kid, if she had her way he’d stay in the lab forever. Another ominous moment was when Julie (I wikied her character name so as not to confuse people who’ve never watched the Newsroom) was testing her latest robotic creation and it apparently outscored “little man” who I assume is Ethan, fuck they’re getting smarter where’s Arnie when you need him, he definitely said he’d be back.