Turned out Ethan was in the car with his dad at the end of last week’s. Anyways Molly and the family went to hide out with her alcoholic father, who took his grandson to the bar to cheat at bar games and he wonders why Molly never visits. Anyway then he shouted at Ethan, who deliberately choked so as not to draw attention to himself like his dad told him, and he ran off. Where he was captured by ISEA agents who switched him off, it was quite brutal really he looked like a corpse. It was a trap of course gor them to bring Molly which they did. Meanwhile the ISEA began tying up loose ends by blackmailed Mollys doctor friend. Finally it was beginning to become clear why shady (Mr Yasamoto) is so interested in these aliens, there was a substance found in a meteor that has immortal properties if it can be harnessed, and we know Yasamotos dying. When he killed the scientist that made it explicitly clear he’s evil but also quite stupid I mean if you had to hire a eastern European scientist to examine the meteor I’m pretty sure he’s not easily replaced, Yasamotos psychotic.