So this week Finlay and Susie managed to convince Gibson to use them instead of the kidnappers and their first job was to retrieve Jonas from some scary CIA old guy who specializes in torture. The main drama this week unusually took place within the house itself when it emerged that the CIA director, Widener, had actually deliberately placed the soldier within the house in order to take out the operation and stop the leak, it was obvious this was a mission for Widener personally as 1) he didn’t rescue Kyle when he had the chance and 2) we know these soldiers are Widener’s personal hit squad. Gibson and his book managed to survive the soldier attack, although they clearly have enhanced strength (this drug kind of reminds me of Mirakuru from Arrow), taking 3 shots to the chest before going down, but they Hirst escaped and took Gibson hostage. Kyle had a gun however, and shot his surrogate father, killing Gibson’s patsy in the process, a lot will have to be reassessed. Back to the Finlay and Susie, when Gibson finally got round to ringing them, they tried to renegotiate, he hung up, the next call was from grey hair and he wasn’t a happy bunny, threatening to kill Meg if they didn’t comply.