Well this was brilliant wasn’t it. I mean you could argue, it was over-the-top and overexaggerated, but was it really? I’d say it wasn’t, well only in terms of UKIP probably won’t be able to win the next election lol, but in terms of what a UKIP run Britain would look like I think it was spot on. Leaving the EU would damage our economy massively, the £ would collapse, there’d be major job losses and ironically the people effected by those job losses which this mockumentary so beautifully highlighted are the very same people that vote UKIP. For example the factory worker who was made redundant, scoffing at the offer of a recently vacated toilet cleaning job. That job was obviously vacated due to the UKIP crackdown on “illegal” immigration, which of course ended up unfairly targeting ethnic minorities because they “look different” regardless of their actual citizenship status. Then of course UKIP’s policies led to all out civil unrest as Fascism generally does with Far right groups clashing violently with anti-Fascist protest groups outraged at what UKIP have done to the nation. This all played out through the eyes of our protagonist Deepa Kapoor, a fresh faced, Asian, idealistic, UKIP MP, naive and ignorant of the dark heart of the party (and I’m sure a lot of UKIP’s ethnic minority members are very similar to her). We follow her in her first 100 days as she is groomed by the party to become a cabinet minister because she looks right.  Her tenure is littered with hilarious interactions with her “supporters” who continue to patronize her by saying she “alright, one of the good ones”. I mean come on, Deepa. She becomes the face of UKIP’s anti-immigration crackdown and in response to criticism of the brutality of the raids, she volunteers to go on a raid in which she witnesses an Asian teenager viciously assaulted by a border guard, and then got arrested himself for assault. Even after seeing that Deepa still played the game and covered it up, triggering mass SaveSaeed protests which her own brother was a central campaigner, finally on UKIP’s 100th day in office when she was just about to be appointed to the Cabinet, she decided to finally tell the truth and saw UKIP for what it was, a racist party with racist policies. I commend C4 for making this while it’s hilarious at times (Whitechapel should be called Ethnichapel), overall it is a terrrifying dystopian but realistic future under UKIP. I think the main parties should watch this and realise that pandering to rhe UKIP cause will only harm this country.