So Sparks and the ISEA removed Molly’s baby, dumped her back in the woods then made every attempt to try and make her seem loony. It really isn’t hard to dislike these guys is it. The child’s now growing in the ISEA/Yasamoto synthetic foetus and seems so far to be a normal human baby,  although I could’ve sworn during Mollys blood test on the rag, “non-human embryo” briefly popped up on the screen. That blood test of course proved to John that 1) Molly was indeed pregnant and 2) it wasn’t his. Then they agreed that Molly would have to reinfiltrate the organisation in order to get answers. Strangely enough Sparks did let her return which surprised me I’d have thought he’d of been more cautious seeing as he’d already experienced first hand industrious and evasive Molly can be, but nope he just let her straight back in, very few questions asked. Once back in Molly was quick to find some answers, a scientist created another filter on Mollys mission footage which showed a mysterious energy that killed Molly’s test samples. When she superimposed the filter onto when she “saw” Marcus, lo and behold, the energy was present and did something to her. Meanwhile Julie was obviously throwing a tantrum about John taking Ethan to the island putting him in immense danger yada yada, she needs to get over herself, you’re not Ethans mum and you’re not John’s wife, you are his employee, glad he slapped her back into her place, but her bond with Ethan and crush/feelings for John are definitely going to hinder Molly and John’s quest for answers in some way.