Well first of all Jonas finally confirmed to Susie and Finlay that Gibson was the kidnapper, they seemed to be getting closer to learning but let’s be honest they haven’t exactly been the best detectives in the world have they. The main storyline of this ep was the tug of war over Jonas between the grey haired guy who wanted him for Widener and Gibson, I’ve gotta admit although Gibson’s evil he’s a lot less evil than Widener so I’m quite glad he ended up winning that struggle. Susie and Finlay were quite literally caught in the crossfire as Widener’s men kidnapped Meg and Susie, whereas Gibson rang a parent (he hasn’t done that for a few weeks), one who happened to be a mercenary. While Susie and Finlay’s plan was to face the two off against each other, it didn’t really work out as Gibson got Jonas, but at least they got a bit out of him beforehand. Meanwhile at the house Beth, Ian and Kyle were still holed up in their bunker with a gun and they managed to hack into the kidnapper’s radio although Gibson cut it off just before they found out he was in on it, close call. Oh and the teacher died, yeah I’m not shedding any tears either, creep. Also didn’t Gibson say he had big plans for Meg, he hasn’t contacted her for weeks???? Although he did say that Amber was important so I assume he has something in the offing.