This episode is definitely the high water mark of the series so far, it was sick reminds me of the Revenge of old. Where to start well Ems seems to have woken up she’s been way too passive so far but David going to see her, not recognising her and the discovery that David had been secretly watching Amanda. She suspects him of killing Conrad and using the hostage story as an alibi. Spot on. Craycray Louise stepped up the nuttiness by trying to kill Margot cos her “mum” told her, except she didn’t. She then moved on to trying to ally with Nolan against Margot for setting him up in that David Clark interview. But the highlight of the episode was the end with David finally realising Ems is his daughter although she had to make really obvious “IM YOUR DAUGHTER”, I mean would be really crap at any game that involves hints, Christ. While that revelation finally got revealed Victoria got struck by lightning. Is she dead? Doubt it. Graysons have a knack of not dying actually every character in Revenge has that knack cept Jacks brother and Jacks wife, maybe he’s got some kind of death curse.  So moving forward while Ems is reunited with Dad she’s also gonna be investigating where he’s been for the last 12 years, let’s be honest if she just asked him he’d lie. Nolan will aid of course. Then we have loony Louise doing whatever it takes to gain Victorias maternal love to say that she has mummy issues would be an understatement. Margot of course will seek revenge for Louise trying to kill her and probably Daniel as well seeing as she found out they slept together. And Victoria well she was paying off strippers to cover her tracks but when David gets the truth from Emily she’ll lose everything and who knows what she’ll do.