Well Revenge has certainly gotten a lot better since David finally found out Emily’s Amanda. We’ve had a battle royale at Grayson Manor, the fight between Emily and Kay was exceptional, resulting in Daniel and Kay’s deaths. Daniel’s never really had much of an effect on me as a character but I’ve got to admit I did feel really sorry for him, he was gonna be a father, he’d just found himself, and him and Margaux were gonna be a family, but that’s Revenge, if everything is going right for you, you’re in trouble. Look at Emily at the start of the series, she’d won, everything was perfect, look at her now, she has a crime boss after her and the rest of her family. Kay was a character made in the Revenge mould as well, in that almost everything about her was a lie, like Jack I didn’t suspect a thing but I should’ve known she’d die because Courtney Ford that plays her never seems to last long in stuff (she barely speaks in Murder in the First). Back to Daniel though, although it was sad he died, he has become completely irrelevant, it’s no longer about Emily v the Grayson, its about Emily v Victoria, even though they’re supposed to both have David’s interests at heart. Talking of David it’s nice to actually see him, man up, and stop letting the women of his life fight his battles, unfortunately though he doesn’t seem to be as bright as either of them, his plan to kill Malcolm Black in Miami failed predictably, so I’m sure Emily will be called back into action next week. On a lighter note “Lolan” are actually hilarious can’t wait to see how them living together turns out, Louise has turned down the craziness a fair bit since trying to kill Margaux, she’s actually really vulnerable, and now Victoria’s beginning to manipulate her, I’m quite concerned. I think I’m actually falling in love with Louise a bit, I could dedicate an entire blog just to her outfits, and curves, I won’t though lol. Anyways so as David has built up Malcolm Black as this big bad villain, I was extremely excited to see what he’d be like, I actually expected him not to appear for weeks, because Revenge likes to string us along like that but nope with 2 episodes there he was killing the police chief, but come on, surely the fact he changed from an American accent to an Irish one should’ve been an indicator that he wasn’t FBI, and if he noticed the change of accent, why did he just stand there and say “what did you say your name was again?”, you’re a policeman, do something, but yeah Malcolm seems quite sinister, I get why David was scared. I don’t think Emily is though, but we shall see.