Over these last few episodes, there’s been a mammoth power shift away from Gibson that’s really surprised me. Every step of the way, Gibson’s, with the exception of a couple of blips, has maintained total control of goings-on. He’s been the ultimate puppet master, and every other character has followed his tune more-or-less but as the FBI closed on the mansion and the kids were being released, suddenly there was a profound change, Gibson’s main henchman had apparently turned on him. That’s the problem with mercernaries they always go to the highest bidder (is $25m seriously not enough), there’s no loyalty and no higher cause or ideology. This meant that someone (presumably Widener) has taken Beth and is gonna ask Gibson do something “worse” than the kidnapping to get her back, yep Widener doesn’t even have the originality to come with his own plan. It was of course alluded to in the conversation between Widener and Meg, that the only real difference between Gibson and Widener is that, Gibson is a father, Widener clearly has highlighted that as his weakness and will exploit it, of course Widener not being a father means he won’t have the same restraint or unease as Gibson has, they are both evil to the core, but Widener is truly monstrous, don’t forget this is a man who has a personal death squad that kills women and children. This situation certainly wasn’t in Gibson’s playbook. On a now irrelevant note, I was wondering what the black policewoman’s motivation was for being in Gibson’s team, she didn’t seem the greedy type, but it was revealed she was with the main henchman, then it made sense. Anyways on to the finale.