Well I assume that final text was supposed to lead on the 2nd series, which didn’t get comissioned, but anyways what a finale. So it was Meg that kidnapped Beth, I knew Widener didn’t have the wherewithall to pull that off, Gibson as usual was 3 steps ahead of us and had worked this out right at the start, when I still assumed it was Widener. His latest plan went without a hitch for the most part, kill Meg’s best friend, the First Lady, CHECK, send Meg’s daughter into a dangerous situation, CHECK, escape police custody, CHECK, and rescue Beth and live happily ever after ah, soz Gibson. Yep when he went to rescue Beth, those notebooks that the mercenary was supposed to destroy but obviously didn’t came back to haunt him, and poor Beth saw the monster that her father really is. Beth’s rejection, made Gibson even more unhinged, and when the FBI turned up I think he was planning to kill Beth, and himself so they’d be together, he’d deluded himself that this was all for her. In the end Susie and Finlay shot him and rescued Beth. Looking back at the series excluding the kids who were innocent of course the only characters, that were actually decent human beings, were Susie and Finlay, Widener, Meg and Gibson were all pretty despicable in their own ways and they all deserve their long prison sentences, I mean the combined body count of those guys must be insane and if your thinking, but Meg didn’t kill anyone er what about the 2 kidnappers (the mercenary and Alice). I think 1 series is perhaps right though, I’m not sure there was anywhere for the story to go from here, but I suppose it depends on what Gibson’s text said and who it was sent to????