Well first of all I think Ethan’s increased development is related to when the ISEA shortcircuited him, think it jumpstarted his brain or something. Overall though the Ethan storyline seems to be following the exact storyline of The Terminator/Rise of the Planet of the Apes, with Ethan poised to lead the robot insurrection, that’s why he’s locked John out of his system, that’s why he’s suddenly asking about his purpose, that’s why he’s starting to ignore John and that’s why he’s taken that service bot in, he’s sees it as kin, he doesn’t see himself as human. Whereas Julie’s new man Odin is of course John Connor, with the Yasamoto’s redhead as Sarah Connor, they hate robots, and want to stop them taking over the world, they even already have a little resistance together that for some reason have meetings with extremely bright spotlights, obviously in the future resistance fighters have a sense for melodrama. The alien story meanwhile seems to be an amalgamation of various sci-fi tropes but none immediately spring to mind, but the latest on that front is that Sparks has taken the “offspring”, on the behest of his dead daughter, yep he’s having visions too (John, Julie any dead relatives you’d like us to meet), so far he’s killed the hotel owner, and let the offspring do something to the sherriff, oh and he’s invited his ex-wife to join the fun, well to meet Katy but she’s dead. Mollie meanwhile upon hearing that Yasamoto’s the true ring-leader and mastermind of her baby getting stolen for some reason has trusted him instantly and is happy to go away with his escort to retrieve the Offspring (I feel it needs a capital, considering its importance), John (actual John not Odin John) also seems to have unwavering trust in Yasamoto but in his defence he doesnt know Yasamoto’s behind this whole thing and to complete our trio of gullible people Julie of course, has complete trust in the handsome, foreign stranger, she met a couple of days ago, of course you can spend hours looking after the most important robot in the world ON YOUR OWN, and I have no interest in your background because you’re sexy. Harsh, maybe, but I bet you it’s what John says when Odin’s manipulated Ethan into all sorts and it comes out he’s leading the resistance, when Skynet hasn’t even rebelled yet. Basically what we need is Arnie, Terminator Arnie and Predator Arnie, he’d deal with both threats adequantly.