Hands up who thinks Odin’s not taking Ethan to Julie, yeah I agree, I suspect that’s why the redhead was quite happy to let him go without telling Yasamoto. Other than learning chess, ridiculously quickly, Ethan didn’t really do much towards his robot insurrection this week. Meanwhile the Offspring still had Sparks doing its bidding, his ex-wife turned up and also saw the Katy hallucination (but no one else can), Molly also arrived desperate to see her baby, but she got trapped into a hallucination. I’m really curious to know what the Offspring actually looks like because the security head and Sparks have said it’s grown extremely quickly, so does it look human or what, we only ever see what it sees, really odd. Anyway Molly’s longing for her baby has made her lose all sense why she thought she could ever trust Dr Watson and Yasamoto, I have no idea. But what does the Offspring actually want with her, what did it take, and why does she have to stay with it, I’m so lost. Oh and Harmon’s dead.