Somehow I missed what happened to Brody, did his family bail him out then he skipped town? Anyways however he got out it looks like he’s teaming up with Beth’s original tormentor. The case this week was a cracker, the Mayor was the victim (played by Finch’s old partner in Person of Interest) and his secret daughter, who he was hiring as an escort in order to get to know her, yeah its not as creepy as it sounds. Anyway it turned out Alice actually had two stalkers, the Mayor’s son and her brother who was jealous of the attention she got, he was the one who put the weird Jack in the Box outfit, and then an obsessed former client was the more dangerous stalker. All in all a great start to the second half of the series. And it’s nice to see Beth and Jack finally getting along, their becoming quite a good partnership and she finally told him about Brody, and it’s also good that Amanda’s letting Jack see his son, all is good in the world.