Well Malcolm Black, didn’t last long did he, one of the world’s most dangerous men according to David, lasted a grand total of 3 episodes, well 2 and a bit. Then again considering he was taking on Ems, David, Victoria, Jack and Jack’s partner, he clearly had no chance. No idea why such a big-time ganster would only have to 2 henchmen though, a bit odd, but no point questioning Revenge logic, best to just sit back and enjoy the fun. Talking of fun, Lolan got a lot more serious, (not relationship wise obviously, storyline wise) with Louise’s mental issues becoming severe at a particularly awkward family dinner, where Louise had a delusion and ended up slapping Nolan. Ems while initially suspicious/jealous of Louise, quickly clocked on that Nolan was right and that her family were actually drugging her with anti-malaria medicine of all things, to make her suffer delusions, so her mother could keep control of her inheritence. When that was exposed of course, Lolan found a legal loophole and tied the knot, giving Nolan and therefore Louise control of the money. Louise’s mother, now living in the Hamptons for real was having none of it and her passing shot was that they only drugged Louise to make her forget killing her father, smells like bullshit but it seems she may have fallen for it. Meanwhile after Malcolm’s death, Victoria broke it off with David because you know, she values her life, and it seemed that David and Amanda would get their happily ever after. Ok so I’m now going to start calling these moments, Revenge Moments, so a Revenge Moment is when it seems a character is content at life and has abudant positivity about the future, why it’s significant is because it is always immediately followed by chaos, death, and misery. Of course the episode didn’t end on the Revenge Moment and of course Victoria didn’t just slip into the background “to let David be happy” (also why is she still living in David’s house), instead her surrogate daughter came round Margaux, now I actually thought they should tell Margaux the truth because she was making so much trouble and they had to concentrate on sorting Margaux, but I now realise that telling Margaux was not the right strategy at all,but it was for Victoria, because she’s now provoked Margaux into Revenge on Amanda, and the Revenge spiral continues. Now it’s Margaux and Victoria with the red pen and Amanda and David in the crosshairs, Daniel’s been made a martyr.