This is probably gonna be my last post about Extant, I just don’t think it’s worth it anymore. So where we at, well Odin took Ethan hope and planted some kind of bomb or explosive or something into him, for what I shall now call ‘The Resistance’. The Offspring meanwhile, well we still haven’t actually seen him, Molly still doesn’t have him, and then there was some convuluted plan to save Molly’s family, which Sparks was apparently helping with but then it turned out he was working for the offspring all along because of course he was never gonna give up Katie, and here’s my issue with the show, Molly continously makes idiotic judgements on who to trust that an person who’s intelligent enough to be a astronaut simply wouldn’t make. It’s not just Molly, it’s John, Ethan, Hallie basically all the damn characters, and they all bang on about “I don’t know who to trust”. IT’S SIMPLE TRUST IMMMEDIATE FAMILY. Fuck’s sake. Anyways we finally found out exactly who Yasamoto is and frankly it was a pretty terrible backstory he was a miner, who got trapped down a shaft, the company left him, he found a meteor with stuff that made him immortal, the company paid him for his silence for his accident by giving him a share of the company, eventually they all died off and he took it over, then he waited until we could send a mission into space to get more of the “special stuff”, but they found something far greater blah blah anyway this all took over 150 damn years, and this entire plot is based on one man’s desire to live forever, fuck off actually fuck off, I’ll see out the series but I doubt I’ll waste my words on this show again, over and out ladies and gents.