3 episodes, 3 unexpected stalkers. Stalker remains epic, I’m not sure what CBS are waiting for to hit the renewal button. So the progression of the story arc over these eps was pretty slow, Brody met with Beth’s original stalker, they teamed up, holed themselves in some motel room and the original came up with the idea to take out Beth’s “family” ie. the team. The main focus though were the individual stories, up first was a TV news anchor who’s stalker was an obssesive fan of one of his colleagues, she wanted her fave to get promoted essentially. 2nd was Aussie lifeguard hottie who, was being stalked by her best friend who was suffering from a particularly psychotic case of hero worship and the victim of E15 was a dreamy high school basketball coach, who turned out not to be the real victim at all instead it was one of the students and her mum who were targeted by the abandoned child of the mum. That last one was my fave of the 3. Stalker’s making it pretty much impossible to guess the stalker nowadays but that’s not going to stop me trying.