Time to check in on the Hamptons, starting with Emily, well she’s gotten together with Ben, rejected Jack and still has the upper hand v Margaux’s vendetta, or she did it seems by targetting Jack, Margaux might have found Em’s weak spot. Margaux’s obsession is slowly eroding her humanity, a typical Revenge trope. Nolan and Louise are happily married, more or less, well it’s pretty rocky, Louise was disappointed at Nolan’s lack of attention and Nolan was disappointed about the lack of attention (from suitors lol). Either way I’m sure Louise’s murder of her brother should help smooth out the ruffles, right? And finally Victoria, and David well they’re moving on with their lives, Victoria’s nicely settled into a nice feud with the new Grayson, Natalie, the wife of Conrad’s father. After the losing the will contestatation and hiring and firing Louise’s bro, Victoria eventually came out on top as David, who happened to be dating her, discovered she was with Conrad, and after Natalie tried to set up David, Victoria managed to catch her admitting forcing Teddy to change his will. I believe that’s match point, Miss Grayson (Victoria that is!).