Another chilling episode of C4’s brilliant drama playing on the age old human fear of artificial intelligence. This week Niska fully embraced her role as psycho robot serial killer only choosing not to kill another man upon realising rather than being a cheat (itself not a capital offense) he in fact a father, and single fathers are not “bad people”, in Niska’s estimation. God knows what’ll happen when she realised some of her customers in that place were fathers, if I was to guess it’ll probably involve pain. Considerable amounts of it.

Meanwhile Dr Millican who now possesses the only synth more terrifying than Niska I mean seriously who sanctioned a synth that didn’t take orders. Practically taking away the guys human rights. I guess it’s one of the messages of the show. How far is too far with regards to  government interference in individual lives. Anyways Dr Millican managed to escape his new synth and go on one last road trip with surrogate son Odi, stupidly letting his faulty synth after their shock crash. Not. Millican left Odi in the woods but safe from the dreaded recycling. Peter the synth investigator got suspended as Niska’s murder was covered up, do love a good cover up, don’t you? By the man trying to track down the sentient synths and it’s only a matter for time before he takes his anger out on his beefcake synth. Who does seem to be a bit hands on with his missus, although he probably has to be.

And finally Anita didn’t get taken back yaaaaay! The dad saw her naked and settled the debate about whether there was stuff under her scrubs. There is! Although I do wonder why she never changes clothes when other synths seem to. Laura and the daughter continued to be suspicious as Anita continued to basically excel at motherhood exposing Laura’s glaring human imperfections.  Leading the daughter to post Anita (or should that be base code) online, which sets up a nice showdown with the family and Colin Morgan (Merlin) next week. One final point synths are supposed to be better than humans at chores etc right? Because I have to say Anita’s oven cleaning was a bit lacklustre. Need to grit your teeth, girl!