If you believe what you read in even the left wing press (yes Guardian I’m referring to you) Jeremy Corbyn is dangerous, he’ll destroy the Labour Party, he’ll keep them out of power for a generation, he’ll send Labour back in time, his economics are loony, his policies are unrealistic even fantastical. So if you believe what you read god forbid Britain’s left wing party actually have a left wing leader.

Thankfully I on the other hand don’t believe what I read in the press and have formed my own opinion of Corbyn based on what I have seen and read from him and the other candidates and that opinion is that he’s exactly what Labour needs and what the country deserves.

Labour lost spectacularly in May, they were wiped out in Scotland and didn’t win enough in England, there has been much debate about why this was, there’s been gushing about the electoral genius of Cameron and Tories. No. Their majority is minuscule there was no genius. I admit they played the game well, using politics of fear over the SNP and immigration to turn England against Labour but Labour primarily lost cos it was too weak and too similar to the Tories they choosing to present themselves as the lesser of two evils. Rather than pick between the two, the public fragmented and voted UKIP, Greens and the SNP. The Tories “won” on 35% hardly genius. What Labour needed to do was be a genuine opposition to the Tories and oppose austerity. This is why they need Corbyn an anti-austerity candidate with genuine conviction in his belief. By being anti-austerity Labour would not only be a strong opposition to the Tories but a party that would reconnect with the disillusioned, who are already beginning to rally behind Corbyn in droves. There would be a clear differentiation between the two major parties and it’d be Labour that would be on the right side of public opinion. It’s a myth elections are won from the centre. What happened to the Lib Dems again? And the most successful pm ever she was really centrist wasn’t she?

Why the country both needs and deserves Corbyn or at least someone of similar thinking is because austerity is a nonsensical, malicious doctrine that rather than being sound economics, simply punishes the poor and vulnerable for the actions of reckless, naive bankers in the top 1% wealth bracket, this is unjust and unfair. Yes the debt we accumulated from the crisis must be paid but we can do it slower and with a little more humanity. Instead of hiking up uni fees why not increase corporation tax for example, this is something Corbyn would fight for. Austerity if allowed to continue will cause greater inequality and ultimately destroy our country. In addition we deserve a genuine, honest politician with conviction in his beliefs, instead of the manufactured, stage managed,  soundbite politicians with no substance that have dominated since 1997. In short the country needs change.

Ok now to address the concerns of the press. He’s dangerous. Well if making the country fairer and more equal then yes he’s dangerous. He’ll destroy Labour. If winning the next election will destroy them then yes I guess he will. He’ll keep them out of power for a generation. Now it was Liz Kendall that said that. Someone should probably let her know that it’s the public, who are by the way clearly behind Corbyns ideology, that votes in elections not her little Blairite cabal, in fact if anythings gonna keep Labour out of power it’s completely abandoning its roots altogether to try and split the centre right vote. He’ll send Labour back in time. Well Blair won in 1997 so that was 18 years ago. Austerity began in 2010 so it’s quite new politics compared to the rest of the candidates. His economics are loony. Of course they are cos the ONLY way to cut the deficit is to slash the public sector and privatize the NHS meanwhile allowing Google and Starbucks to contribute nothing to the public coffers. Oh wait perhaps you could you know RAISE CORPORATION TAX. Finally his policies are fantastical. Yep cos we couldn’t possibly have a nationalised railways like Germany or France, we couldn’t possibly get rid of our cold war nukes cos the cold war didn’t end 24 years ago and we couldn’t possibly have a NHS free of private interests. Oh no so unrealistic.

It all boils down to a very simple choice, vote Burnham you get a soft leader who lacks the conviction to truly take on the Tories. Vote Cooper you get someone who doesn’t belief in anything at all. Vote Kendall you guarantee another Tory government. Vote Corbyn you get change for the better. I know who I’d pick.