“Brian Turner AKA Lyrical” – will.i.am

The Voice UK is back with yet another line-up change, if people are ever to take it seriously you need a consistent line-up for at least a little while but alas The Voice hasn’t been able to manage that, I mean just to remind those who have forgotten the original coaches were will.i.am, Tom Jones, Jessie J and Danny from The Script as the compulsory rock representative. The latest line up change has seen Rita jump ship to X Factor, which I heard she won and the legend Sir Tom was rather unceremoniously replaced by Boy George for no reason, ageism much? I mean I couldn’t name you a single Boy George or Culture Club song and the aforementioned defector was replaced by Paloma Faith who follow in the footsteps of 3 UK chart topping females, after a brief wiki consultation I have discovered this is a club poor Paloma is not a member of, which loses The Voice some of the little credibility it had, but enough of the politics, The Voice has always been about the music with the coaches and presenters, unfortunately the awful Emma Willis wasn’t one of the departures, being secondary. So without further ado let’s talk about the music.

So highlights of today’s auditions were um well there was um and there was oh no wait. Truth be told no one really caught my attention this episode, the first contestant thought she was Beyonce, she wasn’t, although I have recommended her outfit to my girlfriend, very fetching. There was the obligatory former TV star this time Bernie Clifton or something or another, Ricky knew him. Oh there was a weird funky guy called Brian Bennett AKA Lyrical, he was interesting, he’s on Team Will. The final act however a young lady called Cody, her look was sort of a blend of various subcultures of the last 40yrs, punk, emo, goth, certainly ecletic but her voice was intriguing she chose to sing Abba but Abba like you’ve never heard before it was unusual but it was certainly good. Overall though hoping for far better for the rest of the series.

Coachwatch: Not impressed with the new panel as you’ve probably already gathered. Paloma doesn’t have the stature and is very annoying and also doesn’t like Lion King, anyone that hates Lion King has no soul whereas George well I don’t have anything against him I just prefer Tom. I do think a problem this year will be you now have 3 oddballs on the panel. Will’s no longer the quirky one, George and Paloma have both made careers from breaking the mould but I think the more mainstream vanilla talent may drop through the cracks as the 3 “misfits” focus on fellow “misfits. Ricky’s blue-eyed charm is still fully operational and he had the moment of the episode when he continued to get his new acts name wrong. “Brian Turner AKA Lyrical”.