“You look like a Charlie’s Angel. I’d like to be your Charlie” – will.i.am

Rapidly concluding that this is the worst series of The Voice ever, ITV must be seriously regretting their purchase all though Ricky Wilson’s absence will improve S6 immensely one would imagine. So what did we have this week. Well there was the usual quirks an Asian boy singing country, Paul from Waterloo Road, Chris Waddle’s daughter who lacked the talent of her father and there was even what I think was a Voice first, there was a coaches bust up, yes you read correctly, a bust up between the most cordial judges in television. Who? Who? I hear you screaming at your screen well it the red corner was will.i.am and in the blue was Ricky who frankly just sounded like a whiney bitch. Will won of course but it was a surprising bit of drama which although teased last week, actually turned out to be a genuine bust up. Ricky took issue at Will claiming that he should’ve turned, implying that he did his own thing and didn’t like people telling him what to do. That’s fine why do you need to make a big thing of it. Did you turn? No. So shut up innit. Will was just basically like bruh stop whining, you sound like a little bitch. “Oh I hate it when you do that. It makes me feel bad”, grow some balls!

Anyways enough of the drama, the music, was anyone good? Yes actually. Finally. Some decent talent. 18 year old Lauren from Ireland had a great voice, it had a little bit of huskiness and she sounded great, definitely my fave act so far along with Essex Rapper Mk2 last week and most importantly like Essex she picked the right coach, Will over Paloma.

Coachwatch: Other than the bust up. The topic of the day was waistcoats, Ricky is obviously the poster boy of them and this week appeared to have some kind of waistcoat sensor where every act he turned for had a waistcoat. George had a quiet week, as in I can’t remember a single thing he said or did, although he does appear to still be struggling with the show’s concept mind, bless think he might have dementure, poor thing. Paloma and George are struggling so much with it, in fact BBC made a special feature of them expressing how shocking when someone looks different to how they sound, maybe you should join another programme if this concept is a little beyond you guys.